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Milestones in Renewable Energy

  • 2000

    GREENERGY President and CEO was one of the Incorporators of the 24MW Northwind Power Corporation
  • 2005

    Started the pre-development of 150MW Bulanog-Batang Hydro Project
  • 2008

    GREENERGY Development Corp. was established
  • 2009

    Started the pre-development of 300MW Pulangi 5 Hydro Project
  • 2010

    Introduced Solar Home Systems in partnership with Sharp Solar of Japan
  • Present Day

Greenergy Development Corp. has been active in the promotion and development of renewable energy power generation in Mindanao since 2008. It spearheaded the pre-development of the 300MW Pulangi 5 Hydro Power in Bukidnon. In 2010, Greenergy was the first private company in the region to offer solar rooftop systems with the launch of Greenergy Solar in partnership with Sharp Solar of Japan.

Manned by competent technical professionals and managers, the company believes that energy supply security should be met using indigenous, clean, and renewable sources. Greenergy is driven to serve customers with highest operating efficiency at least cost and personalized energy management system including regular technical audit.

Its President and CEO, Engr. Cerael C. Donggay, is the former Vice President of National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) and past President of the Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industries. He is also one of the incorporators of Northwind Power in Ilocos Norte, the first wind power farm in the Philippines; and the original proponent of the 150MW Bulanog Batang Hydro Power. He has more than 30 years of experience in energy with expertise in power utility management and renewable energy projects development.