Cuts down Electricity Bill


Generates Extra Income


Creates Energy Independence


Keep the Planet Healthy



  • When the board decided that we have to go solar, we decided to approach GREENERGY to provide us 3kW solar panel… For the past 6 months, we were able to save P27,000. It depends on which month, but since it’s summer, I think on average, we are saving P4-5,000 [monthly]… We really encourage everyone to really use solar energy.
    Chris Lagapa
  • I used to pay big from my electricity bill. But now, the savings I get from solar, I use it to buy other necessities. I am so grateful!
    Isidro Pulpul
  • We are satisfied of our solar equipment, 5kW capacity Hybrid Setup, provided by GREENERGY Solar. It has harvested total of 2,782 kWh of clean energy after 5 months since installation on December 18, 2017. In the same period, we saved a total of P23,050.78.
    Bong Factura
  • Good savings in power and good services in after sales... We are satisfied in using GREENERGY and I will introduce [solar] to my friends.
    Thelma Nano
  • Very good product and services... I’m satisfied with the service they rendered to us.
    Juvy Tampus
  • We are so proud and happy of having solar energy installed in our home not only for the electricity savings but also using it during brownouts.
    Elvira Pulpul
  • The plus of GREENERGY is that they have excellent after sales service. You don't remind them. They remind you. Probably the only company that does this consistently. Great job!