GREENERGY Development Corp. has been active in the promotion and development of renewable energy power generation in Mindanao since 2008. It spearheaded the pre-development of the 300MW Pulangi 5 Hydro Power in Bukidnon.

In 2010, GREENERGY was the first private company in the region to offer solar rooftop systems with the launch of GREENERGY Solar in partnership with Sharp Solar of Japan.

Manned by competent technical professionals and managers, the company believes that energy supply security should be met using indigenous, clean, and renewable sources. GREENERGY is driven to serve customers with highest operating efficiency at least cost and personalized energy management system including regular technical audit.

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  • When the board decided that we have to go solar, we decided to approach GREENERGY to provide us 3kW solar panel… For the past 6 months, we were able to save P27,000. It depends on which month, but since it’s summer, I think on average, we are saving P4-5,000 [monthly]… We really encourage everyone to really use solar energy.
    Chris Lagapa
  • I used to pay big from my electricity bill. But now, the savings I get from solar, I use it to buy other necessities. I am so grateful!
    Isidro Pulpul
  • We are satisfied of our solar equipment, 5kW capacity Hybrid Setup, provided by GREENERGY Solar. It has harvested total of 2,782 kWh of clean energy after 5 months since installation on December 18, 2017. In the same period, we saved a total of P23,050.78.
    Bong Factura
  • Good savings in power and good services in after sales... We are satisfied in using GREENERGY and I will introduce [solar] to my friends.
    Thelma Nano
  • Very good product and services... I’m satisfied with the service they rendered to us.
    Juvy Tampus
  • We are so proud and happy of having solar energy installed in our home not only for the electricity savings but also using it during brownouts.
    Elvira Pulpul
  • The plus of GREENERGY is that they have excellent after sales service. You don't remind them. They remind you. Probably the only company that does this consistently. Great job!


Greenergy Solar values customer satisfaction. Thus, we provide our clients personalized after sales services.


1How much is the solar energy system?

The price of the solar energy system depends on the capacity and type of system you need. For a quotation, kindly send us the following to [email protected] or GET A FREE QUOTE

  1. Last 3 months copy of your electricity bill
  2. Roofing area
  3. List of appliances and number of hours usage
  4. Name, complete address, email address, and contact number

If you’re located near Cagayan de Oro, we can also schedule a FREE technical survey.

2Where are your products made?
GREENERGY Solar considers quality as a primary concern in providing solar equipment and services while considering cost. Solar technology leaders around the world are converging to manufacture in China because of less expensive raw materials and lower labor and production costs. However, we can offer our customers a choice of where to source their equipment, whether from China, Germany or the US--this will be the customer’s call.
3What is my assurance of your solar product’s quality?
We can assure that all our products have gone through rigorous testing protocols and have passed global standards. Whether manufactured in China or other countries, they are sourced from reputable suppliers and used worldwide in countries like Australia, the UK, and Germany which means they have passed stringent quality standards from these countries in terms of product safety and quality.
4How long will your products work?
The linear power output warranty of our solar panel is 25 years. It means that we can guarantee our panels to achieve maximum efficiency for at least for 25 years. The product warranty of our solar panel is 10 years while the product warranty of the inverter is 5 years.
5Can I buy a single panel?
Yes, you can. But we would like our customers to enjoy the maximum benefits of a complete system. Designed by our engineers, the system will make sure that the power of the sun is maximized to serve your needs at the least possible cost, all the while keeping your household safe. It is important to make sure of the technical compatibility and matching as well as electrical system balance which we can guarantee in our set-up.
6Can I use my solar power during brown out?
Yes you can. For this, a back-up storage which we call “Hybrid” system is to be designed into the set-up. Hybrid systems can be connected to the grid, store excess power in batteries and run emergency loads from these batteries. During power outages, a Hybrid system allows for the critical loads (e.g., tv, ref, lights, fan) to run directly from Solar and battery.